Video Morsels - Inspiration To Go

The video morsels are inspiration to go. You get short distinctions and experiments, which you can directly apply in daily life. 
Have fun experimenting!

How much do you fight in life?

How much do you fight in life? We often fight in our relationships for more love and attention. In our job we fight for more appreciation or more salary. However, with this attitude, you focus on scarcity. In this video you learn how to escape this viscious circle and redirect your attention and energy.

The benefit of your own shadow side!

We live in a duality. Each human being has a bright side and a shadow side. However, we oftentimes try to hide or even deny the shadow side, because we want to look good. Yet your shadow side bears an important benefit in your life. Watch this video to learn more about it.

How authentic are you?

Are you really authentic? Or are there situations, in which you are not authentic? Fact is, the more you find yourself in situations, in which you are not authentic, the more energy you lose. In this video you learn more about it.

Clearing Resentment - Nourishing Relationship

In this video you learn how even small resentment points undermine your relationship and how you can dissolve them to create more intimacy.

The Magical Effect of Appreciation

In which way do you actually appreciate yourself and others? Authentic appreciation can have a magical effect on your relationships, no matter if it is the relationship with your partner, your family, friends and colleagues or the relationship with yourself. In this video you learn what appreciation is about.

Do you take a stand for yourself in relationship?

In this video you learn how quickly it happens in daily life that manipulation and adaptive behavior undermine your relationship and prevent being with at eye level.

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